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Surprise Box Subscription: Nostalgic!

Surprise Box Subscription: Nostalgic!

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The subscription boxes are back! 

Have a little magic sent to you each month, as if by magic! 

This listing is for £24.95 Nostalgic Surprise boxes. In this subscription they work out at a greatly discounted price.

Some of the things you might find inside are: Vintage toys, badges and stickers. You might also find cute vintage stationary, jewellery, and lots lots more!

These boxes all come packaged in either a vintage (new) McDonald's Box or bag, and the items inside will be of the same theme you choose :)

To order your subscription all you need to do is....

1.) Choose how many months you would like to buy for your subscription from the dropdown menu. 

2.) Type which box themes you would like in the box below. Make sure you choose the right amount of themes for the amount of months you have chosen :) You can choose from the list of themes below!

3.) Click add to cart! 


The Surprise Box themes currently available are:

Disney Princess, Classic Disney, Mickey & Friends, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Disney Animals, Snow White, Pocahontas, Aladdin, 90's Disney (mix of all characters), 90's Non Disney, Winnie The Pooh. 

If you just can't choose and would like a total surprise for any or all of your boxes please write 'Surprise Me' in the box for as many boxes you'd like a surprise for.

If you'd like something that isn't on the list then you can also choose a custom mix of characters but please email first to make sure I can fulfil your wishes :)


The Surprise Boxes will be despatched on the 1st of each month, for as many months as you have purchased your subscription for.

They will be sent in a random order unless you specify differently :)


The contents of each box will vary, as they're a surprise. The list above is a guideline only. If there is something you would particularly love to receive in your box, or if you've previously received a box and would like to avoid duplicates then please do let me know. While I'll make every effort to fulfil your wishes I can't always guarantee it.